Power of politics is intoxicating to America

The power of politics is intoxicating. Drunkards are unattractive. We probably could end hunger and poverty in our country but we don’t, we spend the money on political campaigns instead, each side thumping their chests and blaming the other for the problems we face. Apparently, a good many of us have been fooled by one side or the other and bought into the notion that if only they (we) had all the power, and held all the offices, then everything would be better (for our side at least). It’s a winner take all sort of philosophy that is certainly historic, although not exclusively American. It is a destructive fallacy.

Posted 1/13/21

This needs to end. I doubt whether Democrats or Republicans will make nice long enough with one another to do what needs to be done. First they will claim a mandate and work to get their to do list …

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