All hands on deck aboard the SS Survival

I have, and know what it is like to sleep in my car, have no family or support group to turn to, no savings or credit cards, and be thankful that I had a car to sleep in. It is something to be endured, hopefully overcome, but never forgotten. Poverty and homelessness in our society are not new and they are not character flaws. In my family I was just one generation away from the great depression and had heard much about it and about self-reliance as well. When I hear resentment now in the voices of those opposing food assistance for poor families labeling them as ‘handouts’ and suggesting that they should ‘get a job’ I can tell you that is exactly what they want and are struggling to find.

Posted 12/23/20

The survey I use in the course is simple and asks students to put a check by each of the items on the list that they know how to do:

1. Know which churches and sections of town have the best …

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